Saturday, August 18, 2007

Supreme Court: On Corruption

"Everyone wants to loot this country. The only deterrent is to hang a few corrupt persons from the lamp post," …

The only way to rid the country of corruption is to hang a few of you from the lamppost.

The law does not permit us to do it but otherwise we would prefer to hang people like you from the lamppost..

- a bench of Supreme Court justices S.B. Sinha and Markandeya Katju 7/3/07

Every body know what we are heading for, but alas ! All are helpless, just like 'Bhishma Pitamah' in Mahabharat !!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

60th Independence Day

Today the nation is celebrating its 60th Birth Anniversary, the day when a free India evolved out of an outrageous war with Britishers.

60th Birth Anniversary. When any Indian Government Servant will celebrate his 60th Anniversary, he will get retirement from his duties the same month. The person has learnt, implemented, used and preached all the lessons the life could teach. He as got the highest level of maturity. Now he is thanked for all the efforts he has made to serve his nation. The time has came when you are expected to take rest, till you get a final retirement from this world !

But on the 60th Anniversary, we must do the retrospection about the level of maturity of our nation. Is India mature enough? By India, we actually refer to the countrymen, the academicians, the businessmen, the executives, the leaders and the ministers. What ever class do we belong, do we think ourselves matured enough to act or to take any implementable decision in the perspective of our nation, which may actually benefit the country as a whole?

Well, I dont think so ! Do you?