Friday, January 23, 2009

Why did I delete my Orkut account ??

Finally I deleted my Orkut Account today morning. This was execution of something which I was thinking since last few days.

I had 239 friends, 22 fans, 2 testimonials & 1100+ scraps into my credit (??), at "the" orkut. These numbers are quite moderate, 'coz I know a lot of people who had something like 400-500 friends, 100+ fans, 25+ testimonials & 10000+ scraps. Uff....What a popularity..!!

But does that really mean that I had so many "friends", so many "fans" & so much popularity..?? Do I really deserve all those sweet & superior words that were all written in my "testimonials"..!! If I want to think positive & non-pessimistic (not equivalent to optimistic), I'd say, Of course yaar..they are all my friends/fans & I deserve those testimonials. But on the other hand, if I introspect, retrospect & try to see that reality, I come to know that I was seriously under heavy misconceptions.

IIT K Director's & Deans' address to the PhD students today evening, was quite informotive & motivational (atleast to me). I now understand that I am doing a 'Doctorate' of 'Philosophy'. They were rightly pressing on to the students to increase the the 'philosophical' aspect of the PhD into their lives. During the address, I was happy to note that today only I was able to understand the orkut's philosophy (and hence the psychology of so many of my 'so called' "friends", vis-a-vis my own psychology) & hence rightly deleted my account.

So called fans, never did cared to write a single line of scrap into my scrapbook (nor did I cared to do the same). On an average, I got 1-2 scraps from 1-2 frends monthly, which were actually scraps & not replies to my scraps. If I may ask a friend, "How r u dear, long time didn't hear anything from you", I may get a reply "Hi...I m r u ??"...!!

If I wish Happy B'Day or Happy Anniversary to a person 'X', I get a reply "Thanks for the wishes dear..!!". If by any chance I could peep into any of X's friend's scrapbook, I'll notice that exactly the same reply was written (actually copied & pasted) to all of the people who wished 'X' on his/her BDay/Anniv. So actually, Mr/Ms X didn't even cared to write an individual reply to all those persons who actually took some time off thier "so busy" schedule to wish 'X'..!! When a person doesn't even have 20 seconds to post a few original words of thankfullness, what is the fun in maintaining such heavy friend lists ??

There were so many people whom I added (or may be they added me) & after adding each other, we never wrote a single word message to each other, in last so many months/years..!! There are also some people whom actually I hate to the core of my heart (may be even they and/or some others who hated me to that level), but they were there in my friend's list.

Everyone likes to share their achievements, their prosperity & good times to all of his/her friends through the Orkut's albums. There are people who share their such snaps, but I felt jealous of them (something which is impossible between friends). Similiarly there are people who felt jealous seeing my snaps. But still we enjoy a place in each other's "friend list" or may be even in "fan's list"..!!

I didn't liked to display my birthday on orkut. If someone is really my friend, he/she will remember my B'Day. But in last so many years, I didn't got a single scrap of wish on my B'Day/Anniversary from any of my 'so called' friends/fans. Actually my anniversary was always there on my album, but no one ever cared to wish us on the occassion. Had I filled my B'Day on orkut, due to the continuous reminders of orkut, some 25-30 (out of 239) would have cared to write 4-5 letters into my scrapbook..!! Rest of the friends would just overlook their friend's b'day. May be even I do the same with them too.. But still, we are friends, as per orkut..!!

One reason which my wife gives to maintain the orkut is 'networking'. They are all friends & may be of some use sometime or the other. But that is what the point is. After realizing all the above, I know very well that if I'll need a help of any of my (orkut) friends & if I ask them, these are the only persons who will not help me & make the fun of my necessity. I have faced these situations 2-3 times in last days (that I needed a friend's help & the refused indirectly) & hence am so confident that one **"must must must not"** expect any help from friends. Actually I dont expect anything from any friend, and that is the best way to maintain any friendship. That is my philosophy..!! :) Also, it is well said: "One is your friend till you don't expect anything from him; and you are his friend till you fullfill all of his expectations..!!" Gone are the days of "A friend in need is the friend indeed".

And above all, orkut was sucking any of my free time (if available). Orkut kills time. The presence of orkut in my life, kept me away from blogging, newspapers & so many things; and hence now I hope probably I'd spend some more time here. At the outset, I am very happy to delete my orkut account. :)