Friday, May 2, 2008

Removal of Honey Beehives at IIT K



There are a large number of honey beehives in GH-I, Hall-I, Hall-II,Hall-III, Hall-IV, Hall-V, Hall-VII, Hall-VIII, FB, H.No.-386,3086 H.No.-603, 647 CE, NL-II, LHC, Central Library, Auditorium, etc. and it has become a matter of concern. The beehives in the said buildings shall be removed during the period from 03.05.08 to 17.05.08. The removal shall be undertaken in the time slot of 7.30 PM to 11.30 PM. The campus community is advised to be careful in moving around during the notifiedperiod.

To: All mailing List


My Views on the above mail...

Any one who has been to IIT K can easily appriciate the fact that the areas mentioned in this mail covers almost 70-80% of the areas which are mostly occupied & has significant traffic during all times.

The message is that between 3rd May to 17th May, removal of beehives will take place during evening time 07:30-1130 PM.So there will definitely be unrest among the honey bees, and hence who-so-ever comes infront of them will surely get hurt. There are past incidences where people have suffered during this process.

Such a general mail is nothing but just a formality. They have just completed a custom of informing the public. But such a general mail is of no use at all.

During these 15 days, moving in a large area in busiest 4 hrs at IIT K is risky. Its not possible that people will stop moving in all these areas for 15 days, during the evening time.If there will be any accident due to this process, they will just stretch thier hands out, saying that we informed public. But is such an information of any use to anyone?

The affected person will recall about the notice only after an accident will take place with him, and will then find that I cant do any thing about this, because Authorities already informed "All" about this.

But do you really think that Authorities actually behaved responsibly by circulating such an absurd, ridiculous & meaningless notice..??

So, what should be done....??

First of all, fix up a schedule with the workers, according to their availability & other logistics. Allot them one of these areas on one specific time; in this way cover all of the affected areas. Then tell the finally fixed schedule to the general public.

In this way we will be better informed, say, today is 5th May, as per schedule beehive removal will be at Auditorium from 8:30 PM. So lets avoid moving there at that time.

The idea of informing to the public should be genuine, to avoid any mis-hap; rather than to just complete a formality which will not actually avoid any accident, but only help authorities to escape out being held responsible for the same.

You have played safe by circulating this mail, Sir; but let the people of IIT K also live safe by behaving a little more responsible.

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