Sunday, July 22, 2007

Awareness or Darkness??

It was on 19th July '07 when I was returning from Ahmedabad to Kanpur in Azimabad Express.

Two gentlemen, sitting close to me were talking to each other. I would like to mention here & analyse one of the sentences which they uttered.

"These days people have become more aware. In elections, more & more people go for voting these days."

First of all this is a wrong statement in totallity. More & more people dont like to vote now a days. I dont have the exact statistics. If any body can pour in some, I would be obliged. But let's suppose for some time that he is correct with the second part of his sentence that more & more people like to vote these days. My question is that, in the light of this II-part of the question, I-part is correct or incorrect?

I mean to say, that if more & more people like to vote & go for voting, will you call it "Awareness" or "Darkness" ?

When we know that who so ever you vote, will do the least possible, if at all, for the society, then why to vote? Why not to abolish in totality all this election process, which has become nothing more than a dirty power race for the most corrupt class of our unfortunate society.

All this corrupt group is to be thrown out, a new motivated group is to be injected into this process, called politics. But again power will corrupt. So after some time again this process of throwing out & reinjecting a fresh group is to be done, so as to run the constitutional machinery effectively. Otherwise there is no meaning to just somehow pull this corrupt setup any more !

Is this a correct solution ?

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