Friday, July 6, 2007

Constitution has become a burden ???

It was just another day when I was watching 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge'. It was a coincidence that continuously for some time the Challengers were making Jokes on the Indian Politicians. With every bit of a Joke the Audience was bursting into laughter & I was just sitting & wondering the reasons...

Every single man, right from my 7 year old nephew to my 77 years old Neighbour is fully aware that there is a group of people, called "Ministers" who are involved in all kinds of misdeeds, will accidently say truth sometimes, who have made hell lot of money through Corruption, who will say something infront of the media & will do the other as soon as they are off-the-records…………….

Name one person of this country who can dare to say that there is a single Minister (be it an MP or an MLA) in this country for whom the National interest is above his own Personal interests !

There are ‘n’ number of movies which have reflected the true picture of a Politician. There are ‘n’ number of scandals which have truly substantiated all that what we have watched in movies. There had been ‘n’ number of cases which we have actually encountered in our lives, which have strengthened our belief that the nation is goverened by 100% corrupt and self centred Politicians.

In every Ministers’ cabin, in every political party’s office we will find atleast one of Gandhi Ji, Subhash C Bose, Nehru Ji, Sardar V Patel, Dr BR Ambedkar hanging in the portraits. But is there a single gentle man who move around those photographs, who follow the path shown by these great men?

So why do you hang such great peoples in your walls when you just hate their policies. To mis-guide the common man that you believe in the ideologies of Nehru Ji, Gandhi Ji etc? But common man has already identified all your deeds, Sir! So let’s atleast remove these pictures, which are totally dumb for you; and hence save some public money. Or rather you can load your pockets with it.

Is there a single father who wants his son to join Indian politics? If there is a mob of political party workers moving across a street, we would not like our mother, sister & wife to be there. We would put all effort to keep our children out of the such a gathering. Why is it so?

If a common man, by mistake pays Rs 100/- less towards his income tax, just try to visualize all the problems he is tending to. Even when he wants to correct his mistake by paying that Rs 100/-, he will be asked to fill tens of forms, get the signature of tens of people, pay Rs 500/- fine after standing in a queue, and then deposit one Rs 100/- note along with tens of documents, photocopies, reciepts and ofcourse standing in another queue. This Rs 100/- will go towards revenue collection by the Government of India. What is the value of Rs 100/- when we compare it with total amount of Black money which is not accounted any where? Imagine how many such Rs 100/- notes (which we deposit into government’s account by filling tens of forms, by standing in long queues etc) just go un-noticed by any one into some body’s pockets. One of these Rs 100/- notes must be the same which I paid to the government after facing hell lot of problems, which has just now entered very smoothly into the big pocket of a politician. All the problems I suffered was to fill such a pocket?

I work in an Steel industry & I get Rs 600/- per 8 hr day I spend in the plant, infront of the furnace (temperature 1700 oC), which is my work area. I get one Rs 100/- note when I work there for 1hr 20 min infront of the furnace at 1700 oC. Do I work in such an environment for 1hr 20 min, so that by this Rs 100 /- which I earn goes towards payment of Income tax, which ultimately through these politicians, becomes a part of Black money?

So what solution we have come through in all these years? We all agree that all these ministers are corrupt, so lets go for an Election ! But what will be the out come? Again one party or a group of parties will get the majority, will form the government. Again there will be powerful ministers who will let no stone unturned to fill their pockets.

But this is the only provision which Constitution has provided to us. If you are not satisfied with the government, go for a re-election. This is what the Constitution says. But even after spending Rs 1000 crores (which is unfortunately the same money which many of the people like me have paid towards the income tax, service tax, Value added tax, etc etc) in elections, are we satisfied?

So what’s the Solution? How long will we just spend (‘waste’ is rather a right word here in place of ‘spend’) the public money just to follow the Constitution?

I have full respect for the Constitution of India. But the way it has been moulded and re-moulded to satisfy the personal needs of politicians, it demands a major over hauling (Major Amendments).

But again Amendments will be done by the group of politicians, as per Constitution. So what is the solution? I don’t know.

Is ‘Emergency’ a solution?

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